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Great start to the show year!

We are on a big pink cloud after the Northern Light Show in Reykjavik! The puppies went out in juniors class for the first time and it’s safe to say they owned the ring!

Víðigerðis Ugla got Very good, the judge wasn’t all too happy about how proudly she carries her tail ;) Víðigerðis Kiljan Exc, 1st in junior, CK, Junior CC and BOS junior!

Víðigerðis Salka was our little star of the weekend. She started by getting Exc and 1st in a big junior class with a Junior CC, then she competed in best bitch and WON! She then went on to win her brother in juniors and took BOB Junior and BOS overall with her first CC!

Our red fireball ISJCh Östra Greda Dragon Piper got Exc, 3rd in intermediate class.

ISCh Östra Greda Bloody Mary got Exc, 2nd in champion class.

Our amazing boy ISCh Östra Greda Guccio Gucci also had a superb show! He got Exc, 1st in champion class then BM1, CACIB and BOB! He ended the day with a fantastic BIG-3 in a huge lineup!

Judge was Mr. Göran Bodegård from Sweden and we thank him for his appreciation of our dogs.

Our heart goes out to all of our wonderful handlers and friends that helped us and for all their support. Thank you endlessly 💕 Hafdís Jóna, you are simply the best 💕 And to the best breeders, mentors and friends, thank you thank you thank you Lotta and Gísli at Östra Greda kennel!

BOB ISCH Östra Greda Guccio Gucci and BOS Víðigerðis Salka Valka

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