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Winter Wonderland show - The last show of the year 2021!

The biggest show in Iceland ever and 49 australian shepherd dogs entered this time. Honourable judge was Mr. Svante Frisk from Sweden and we highly thank him for appreciating our dogs. Víðigerðis had such a great day and we are SUPER PROUD!

Highlights: Drífa: Junior CAC, BOS JUNIOR, Kara: CAC, R.NCAC, 2nd BEST FEMALE & VÍÐIGERÐIS BOB BREEDERS GROUP! All our dogs got very lovely critiques from the judge.

The boys: Víðigerðis Bjartasti Bjarmi “Bjarmi” - Excellent and 3rd in junior class! This was his first show and he performed so well! Owned by Joi Johannsson & Guðrún Kaldal Del Cau Fosca Show Me The World “Pedro” - Very good in junior class. He needs more time to mature ISCh ISJCh Östra Greda Dragon Piper “Bruno” - Excellent and 3rd in Champion class with CK

The girls:

Víðigerðis Magnaða Morgunsól “Drífa” - Excellent and 1st in junior class & BOS JUNIOR with her first Junior CAC and CK! Owned by Ármann Sverrisson & Annie Ivarsdottir ISJCh Víðigerðis Dreymandi Dögun “Dögun” - Excellent and 2nd in junior class! ISJCh Víðigerðis Kristalnótt “Kara” - Excellent and 1st in a big strong open class (7 females entered) with CK, and then ended up as 2nd BEST FEMALE and got her second CAC!

We then entered the breeders group consisting of Bjarmi, Kara, Dögun and Drífa and became BOB BREEDERS GROUP

We're so happy and proud that all the hard work is paying off and seeing how well the first generations of Víðigerðis breeding are doing both at dog shows and as happy family dogs!

Super thankful to our team of amazing handlers: Hafdís Jóna, Freyja, Stefanía Stella & Marius, This all is so much fun with you guys!

A warm thank you to Annie, Kristín, Eva Björk, Jói & Guðrún for all the help around the ring and congratulations on your beautiful dogs!

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