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We have a new Icelandic Junior Champion!

At the herding club show our homebred blue merle princess, Víðigerðis Dreymandi Dögun, earned her 2nd Junior CC so we could after that show apply for her ISJCh title.

She was only 12 months old at the time, a truly amazing achievement and a total dream for us to experience with her.

In that sassy girl we have our most precious Gucci and Kilja as grandparents, their offspring Salka as her dam and then our darling red fireball Bruno as her sire along with all the great dogs behind them.

ISJCh Víðigerðis Dreymandi Dögun

Sire: ISJCh ISCh Östra Greda Dragon Piper "Bruno"

Dam: Víðigerðis Salka Valka

A warm thank you to Hafdís, Stella and Freyja for training this little crackergirl and showing her always to perfection. We truly look forward to the future with this girl in the ring - sha has already stolen our hearts (and all our sofas, shoes and food she can find).

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