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A day out with children and dogs at the Young Kennel Club day

Our kennel club here in Iceland has a very active Young kennel club that throws a special family day every year. We have been attending with our dogs and children and it is always so fun for everyone.

It gives the children an opportunity to get to know the basics of handling and have fun together with the dog in the ring. The admission fee all goes to the Young Kennel Club.

Emma Björk & Ásgeir Anton (our soon 8 year old twins) went into the ring with Kilja & Gucci. They all made us proud and it was nice to see how they are growing as junior handlers. Our dear friend and handler Hafdís Jóna took 3rd place in adult group with Bruno and me and Kilja took 4th place in oldies group:)

At these fun shows the main focus is on the handler and how he deals with the dog, it is not about the dog itself like in typical conformation rings.

Thanks again to the Young Kennel Club of HRFÍ Iceland for a fantastic day - keep up the good work!

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