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Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all of you!

We are thankful for this strange year that just left us and we welcome 2021 with open arms! We had some big plans made for last year and are thrilled they all worked out wonderfully!

We had 2 litters in 2020, The Last Day of Christmas Litter in january(Kilja x Bruno) & The Fairy Litter in october (Salka x Bruno). A total of 9 amazing puppies that has been thrilling and learningful to raise and follow up on. We are so blessed to have the best families loving, training and spoiling their dogs

We had only one show in march 2020 where all our dogs entered got excellent results and very nice critiques. Kara was in junior handling with her young friend Freyja. Even the guy who never handles his dogs hit the ring and rocked it. A good time!

We managed to get Teddy from our january litter all the way to Poland in the middle of the pandemic in may. His owner worked so hard along with us in finding a solution to get him home and it was an adventure. Proud of this young boy that has a bright future in conformation and working venues.

We were offered an amazing puppy boy in july from a respectful breeder in Spain and we put a lot of effort along with the breeder and her team to get him prepared for his travel to Iceland. We wanted him to keep his spanish heart beating so we named him Pedro. His parents are both dogs we have got our eyes on for the last years and we are very proud to have this boy in our family.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Cristina and Sara for everything. Pedro travelled to Denmark and stayed there for a while until we picked him up and flew him home on a jet plane. A big warm hug to our friend Linda that took care of him in DK.

So, it is safe to say we have been quite busy in this rollercoaster year 2020.

Take care and be kind to one another

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