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A tribute to our blue merle king

Gucci 21.05.2014 - 14.07.2021 ISCh NLM Östra Greda Guccio Gucci

Our beloved Gucci left us last summer after a short period of illness. Our vets both in Mosfellsbær and Garðabær did absolutely everything they could to try to help him and Gucci took part in everything with his unique calmness and strength. He lost the battle to a very rare condition of protein loss that led to blood clots.

These two weeks were the most difficult time for everyone and the uncertainty was sometimes overwhelming. Not knowing what was making him feel ill, not knowing if we could help him recover and the thought of possibly losing him was really hard. Gucci was a true hero, our beautiful blue merle king and during the time of his weakness he always kept his calm and true spirit, and took every step of the way with his unbelievable strength.

Gucci was the dog everyone loved, even the people that didn´t even know him. He came with a bang into our lives in 2015 when we received a picture of him from Lotta and Gísli at Östra Greda Kennel in Sweden asking if we wanted to keep this blue boy. The answer was an immediate "yes" and a few months later he was in our arms. He was first and foremost our family dog - like all the others- but there was always something special about him that´s hard to describe.

He had a great show career here in Iceland and always performed his best. He gave us four beautiful offsprings: Kiljan, Ugla, Diljá and Salka that he produced with Kilja in the first litter of our kennel, The Laxness Litter, in 2017. With that litter the first steps were taken to build up the foundation of our breeding program and we are so thankful to have his legacy coming strongly through both in temperament and structure.

The family life is not the same without this once in a lifetime dog but he will forever stay deep in our hearts.

Some of these pictures were taken of him during his last days at his loving home here at Víðigerði and some are the ones we charish of this amazing boy.

Our warmest gratitude to Lotta & Gísli for being there for us all the way through his life and during his farewell and to all of our dear friends that sent us both strength and good wishes near and far at that time in our lives.

To his talented handlers through the years we are very thankful for the training and the fun you had together, and to all of his admirers we thank you for the support and love.

We love you Gucci!

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